Our approach

The chamber is committed to playing an active role in bringing the outside world into the business environment.


Our aims are to:


  • be active in leading and supporting social responsibility initiatives that have a lasting impact in Lithuania,
  • encourage and facilitate corporate social responsibility awareness and practices among our members.


Since its creation the chamber and its members have generously supported a number of charitable organisations based in Lithuania through various fund-raising activities. In 2013 the Board created a broader strategic approach to how the Chamber can make a lasting contribution that encompasses working with and supporting:


  • local charities – specifically those that work with children and youth,
  • local non-governmental organisations which we believe are doing important and valuable work for Lithuanian society, and
  • activities that protect and raise awareness about the environment.


Through its own activities and through its partnerships with other local organisations, the Chamber aspires to:


Do the right thing – by looking at how the chamber manages its own responsibilities towards being active in the community, and how it cares for the environment.


Be a catalyst for change – by using our voice and our network of relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us.