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BCCL Burns Night supported charity project is on the way to be launched




























BCC Lithuania is delighted to be a part of Child line (Vaikų linija) and is proud with the results that our joint efforts brought.  During 18th Burns Night BCCL raised 8770€. Half of the amount went to Child line to help with a start of the implementation of a new ‘chat-tool’ for live counselling.

We are happy to share that „Child Line“ is planning to start the chat in November as the new way of getting the emotional support for children and teenagers. With the received support “Child Line” bought the webchat software developed for helplines, made the adaptation to their website, created design and is going to start testing how it works. The psychologists of “Child Line” also prepared the training program for volunteering counselors on effective communication with children and teenagers by chatting online. First group of experienced counselors will finish the training in October.

After launching in November “Child Line” is planning to consult children by chat 3 days a week via 2 lines for 3 hours and later evaluate the results and the need of this channel of emotional support.

It will let children connect one-on-one, in real time with a Child Line counsellor via the web or from a smart-phone. The children and teenagers who prefer to write about their difficulties could receive emotional support without waiting, at the time when they need it most.

BCCL thanks all who support our Annual Fundraising Burns Night Gala Dinner, as it clearly demonstrates that working all together for the good causes  we can bring some small but important changes for the children and youth society in Lithuania.

SAVE THE DATE for our upcoming 19th Burns Night in Vilnius to be held on 27th January, 2018 at the Palace of Grand Dukes.

BCC Lithuania is happy to be a part of Zipio draugai (Všį Vaiko labui) project and are very proud of the results that our joint effort brought.


Priedo vaikams su specialiais poreikiais_IMG_20171002_122432_1

During 18th Burns Night BCCL raised 8630€. Half of the amount went to Programme’s Zippy’s Friends supplement for children with special educational needs (SEN).

It was published as planed in a 100 units (with a compact disc full of video material for teachers and children). We are so pleased that all together we can bring some small but important changes for the society based on best practices in the UK.

The seminar for programme trainers has passed, in which we presented the material set supplement for teachers working with children with special educational needs (SEN).
We invited our trainers-psychologists from the Lithuania’s largest cities to participate at the seminar.

A pilot run of the supplement is commencing.
At the end of October training for teachers on how to employ the supplement when working with children with special educational needs will take place.
Only schools that specialise in SEN education or have separate groups for children with special educational needs were invited for the pilot run.

“I can honestly say I am very proud because we really did do something exceptional that I believe is a great start and an example to others.
In Lithuania there previously was no material for teachers aiding them in educating emotional intellect and coping skills when working with children with special educational needs.Now we will have to prepare the teachers, change their views that these special children need not only shelter and sustenance but that they have emotions and, as each of us, need help learning to recognize them and coping with them.” – said director of Všį “Vaiko Labui” Aurelija Okunauskienė

Council of the British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE) releases a report ‘Brexit – the voices of European business’


COBCOE report Brexit – tBrexit report ws banner 600x100he voices of European business, which  is based on a unique research project taking 12 months, 1,000 companies, 27 round-tables in 18 countries, a survey and poll has been released and to be presented to the UK Government shortly.


The purpose of it is to give negotiators and government officials a new understanding of the complex relationships that underpin the European Economy and what must be done to protect them during the UK’s withdrawal process.


Three main areas covered in the Report are:


  •   The UK’s roles as Europe’s global springboard
  •   Barriers to trade: maintaining a frictionless European economy
  •    Minimizing uncertainty and disruption in the Brexit process


BCCL was taking part in this study by engaging members and external business contacts in a specially designed questionnaire and by arranging a round table represented by British and International investors in Lithuania, Members of BCCL. The discussion in later spring 2017 was moderated by Anne-Marie Martin, COBCOE Chief Executive.

CLICK HERE to read full report. Please contact BCCL should you have any questions or looking for more information.



Buy top banner space at BCC Friday e-News and be even more visible among BCC Members and Friends


For more effective advertising we offer a top banner opportunity with a very symbolic price of 25 € for Members and 35€ for non-members.

Only four dates available left this year:

  • 2017 08 04
  • 2017 09 01
  • 2017 12 29

For more information or booking the space contact via email bccl@bccl.lt


Summer Break for BCC Lithuania!


What does it mean for our Members and Friends? Friday e-News will be released once in two weeks, no events in July and August, also less staff at the office. Discussions on the upcoming BCC Season Programme and the various internal preparations will be carried on.

Wishing all to have a great summer!19800957_10155388586400097_8018424740684087673_o

Please welcome new BCC Sponsor Member – DFDS A/S (Branch Office)

DFDS A/S Lietuvos filialas provides European door-door transport solutions to manufacturers of consumer and industrial goods. Company as a provider of logistics solutions has earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency and superior customer care. This reputation is the result of a commitment to doingthings a certain way – The DFDS Way. At the heart of our success is a commitment to deliver tailored solutions that support our customers’ activities, reduce the cost for their business and add value to their operations. At DFDS we have invested in technology, equipment and facilities to meet the demands of modern, lean supply chains. Our operational areas are import and export of goods from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia to United Kingdom and Ireland and vice versa. In the future we plan to expand transportation services to Germany, Italy and other countries in Europe.


Congratulate 4th BCC Curry Cook-Off winners


1st Best Indian Curry and “Audience choice” went to “Bright Ginger Olive” by Barclays Group Operations Lithuania. The team will enjoy “Indian Curry Break in Riga” including bus tickets Vilnius – Riga – Vilnius on Lux Express, 1 night in Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel, Riga and Dinner at Indian Raja.

2nd Best Indian Curry won Stuart Kemp and Darren Coltman who will improve their cooking skills with Gaspar Fernandes at his Indian cooking course.

3rd Best Indian Curry prize received girls from Strategic Staffing Solutions International, Sandra Mazilevskytė and Rūta Pladaitė, who might become masters of all possible Curry recipes!

ONCE AGAIN HIP HIP HOORAY to all participants and winners!


Untitled collage

New tool for BCC Members ONLY – the APP “Pulse for Associations”


Starting from May 25th all BCC Members are able to follow BCC Updates on their phones and tablets.


The new digital solution for BCC members to save their TIME but stay tuned with the chamber activities was launched on May 25th at the BCC New Members Evening. It’s the APP “Pulse for Associations” created by 5 entrepreneurs: Adomas Nosalis, Giedrius Šlikas, Tadas Blantaitis, Olegas Gončarovas and Paulius Čegis, who are dedicated in bringing their idea to life. Idea, which could change the way we understand communication within enterprises or associations.


Pulse for Associations is an Internal communication tool meant to build or enhance already living culture and more active engagement with BCC. Culture important as it defines who we are, how we behave amongst each other, make decisions and do business within our community. In Order for culture to flourish engagement is needed from the members involved in it. Vital role in this process is played by an effective communication, which requires tools that gather information flow and distributes the relevant content for the end user in an simple and engaging way.





For iOS 

For Android 


*you can create your account with your corporate email ONLY. Detailed app’s manual


In case you have issues to login, please contact Karolina via karolina@bccl.lt or +37068613889



BCC Board strategy meeting was held on May 23rd

On May 23rd the, its mission statement and current value proposition to its members. The meeting was held in Vilnius Rise and moderated by Anne-Marie Martin, the COBCOE Chief Executive from London. During the meeting the BCC Board developed  an updated draft vision and mission for the Chamber. This will be followed by a questionnaire to all BCC members asking them to evaluate the current services and activities of the Chamber. The next BCC Strategy meeting will decide on the key strategic areas for the Chamber to focus on during the next 2-3 years. BCC Members are strongly encouraged to support this process by engaging and  expressing your business needs accordingly.




BCC APP will be introduced at the New Members’ Evening!


Starting on May 25th all BCC Members will be able to follow BCC Updates from their phones or other devices.


Pulse team consists of 5 entrepreneurs: Adomas Nosalis, Giedrius Šlikas, Tadas Blantaitis, Olegas Gončarovas and Paulius Čegis, who are dedicated in bringing their idea to life. Idea, which could change the way we understand communication within enterprises or associations.

Pulse is an Internal communication tool meant to build or enhance already living culture within enterprises or associations. Why is Culture important? Because it defines who we are, how we behave among each other, make decisions and do business within our community. In Order for culture to flourish engagement is needed from the members involved in it. Vital role in this process is played by effective communication, which requires tools that are able to gather whole information flow, sort it and provided relevant content for the end user in an simple and engaging way.

COBCOE Connects activating procedure for BCC Members starts after 1st May



One person (company director or contact person for the Chamber) will receive an email invitation from COBCOE Connects to activate company’s account in the platform after 1st May. The person who receives the email will be the only one able to join the platform at the beginning.

Later on there is a possibility to change the contact details and appoint another person from the company. Please make sure you activate your account and fill in your company’s profile in details

The more active you are on the COBCOE Connects, the more you will get out of it. Your level of activity affects your ranking – how close to the top of the list your company appears for matchmaking.

Please be reminded that no additional cost is required for BCC Members in 2017.

If you have any further questions, please contact Karolina, COBCOE platform moderator in Lithuania, via e-mail karolina@bccl.lt or tel. +37068613889



BCC Events Packages available from 1st of May


A brand new benefit for your convenience: BCC Events Package.

3 types of packages – MINI, MIDI and MAXI – will be available from 1st May, 2017.


  • MINI cost 130€ includes 3 Business Breakfast Briefings, 2 New Members‘ Evenings, 1 Social Event, 1 Workshop and 1 Annual General Meeting.
  • MIDI cost 190€ includes 6 Business Breakfast Briefings, 2 New Members‘ Evenings, 2 Social Events, 1 Workshop and 1 Annual General Meeting.
  • MAXI cost 320€ which covers all BCC organized events during your current membership year.

*Please note that Burn‘s Night and events with personal invitations are NOT covered in ANY package.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The packages are addtional BCC Membership benefit and they are not obligatory to choose;
  • Package is valid for the member/company, but different colleagues may use it. 1 person per 1 event;
  • The package is valid as long as you are member;
  • The package is not refundable.

Why to choose BCC Events Package?

  • It is an excellent tool for your company‘s employees to be involved more into BCC activities;
  • Easy to structure your participation and engagement for the year;
  • Easy to follow your cash flow instead of paying for every event separately;
  • 1 invoice per year will be issued together with your annual membership fee;
  • It will be available for all BCC members from 1st May, 2017.


ORDER YOUR PACKAGE NOW via email karolina@bccl.lt

Events package


Choose the BCC as a donee for your 2 percent personal income tax


We kindly suggest you to use the opportunity to donate 2% from your personal income tax for the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.


If you are willing that such sponsorship would be transferred to the British Chamber of Commerce, please fill a special form called FR0512, 3rd amendment, enter the requested data and submit it by the electronic declaration system (internet banking system), by post or by filing it to the Tax Authorities by 1st of May 2017.


BCC details:
Paramos gavėjo pavadinimas: Lietuvos ir Didžiosios Britanijos Asociacija „British Chamber of Commerce“
Imones kodas: 124923634
Buveines adresas: Didžioji g. 5, Vilnius
Atsiskaitomosios saskaitos nr: LT454010051001783901
DNB Bankas; Banko kodas: 40100


If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the BCC by email bccl@bccl.lt or phone +370 5 269 0084.


Under the Lithuanian Personal Income Tax Law any tax resident of Lithuania may decide to support the selected donee by allocating up to 2 percent of his/her yearly personal income tax that has been withheld/paid throughout the taxable year.


The recipients of such sponsorship may be various organizations that have a right to receive sponsorship under the Lithuanian legislation. They usually are non-profit organizations such as charity and sponsorship foundations, budgetary institutions, associations, public organizations, public institutions, religious communities, etc. The internet site of the Lithuanian Tax Authorities provides for the details of such sponsorship recipients.


Any person willing that such sponsorship would be transferred to a selected organization has to file a special form called FR0512 3rd version to the Tax Authorities until 1st of May 2017. The form may be submitted through the electronic declaration system (internet banking system), by post or by filing it to the Tax Authorities. After the receipt of the form the Tax Authorities will process the payment of the personal income tax allocated to a particular donee.


 „Gyventojas, nusprendęs paremti pasirinktą paramos gavėją (vienetą) ir/ar politinę partiją, nuo 2017-01-01 – ir / ar meno kūrėją, turi užpildyti Prašymo pervesti pajamų mokesčio dalį  paramos gavėjams ir (arba) politinėms partijoms FR0512 formos 3 versiją  ir iki kito mokestinio laikotarpio  gegužės 1 d. pateikti ją mokesčių administratoriui.“ (source: Leinonen)

BCCL (1) 

The Brexit Ambition project


On April 12th BCC New Board met with Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Officer at COBCOE, to discuss the issues relating BREXIT as part of The Brexit Ambition project focusing on the priorities of businesses across Europe.

The British chambers in Europe are uniquely positioned to establish what common interests exist between the EU27 and the UK, and to articulate them to their governments, in the hope that a more pragmatic agreement can be reached between the UK and the EU, for the benefit of businesses across the Europe. The results of the similar Roundtable debates across Europe including Lithuania will be combined with the findings of the questionnaires to produce a final Brexit Ambition Report at the end of June 2017.

Those of you who still would like to present your views on Brexit and the expected impact on your business, please fill in the COBCOE’s Brexit Ambition survey as this is very important>>>


The New BCC Board 2017-2019

On April 11th, the British Chamber of Commerce held its 18th Annual General Meeting at Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva. At the meeting BCC activities, financial reports for 2016 were presented to members and also the projects, which the chamber is planning to implement in 2017.

This year’s AGM  elected a new Board for 2017-2019 and was attended by Anne Marie-Martin, COBCOE Chief Executive from London.

Congratulations to the New BCC Board 2017-2019 as in the picture, featuring Anne-Marie Martin, COBCOE in the middle.


Joint Lunch with the Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis


On April 4th, the Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis met with international business representatives in Lithuania. The main topic such as new labour code, tax issues, education and emigration were covered during the lunch.


The event was organised by British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania together with the AHK German-Baltich Chamber of commerce, Danish Chamber of Commerce in LithuaniaSwedish Chamber of Commerce in LithuaniaNorwegian – Lithuanian Chamber of CommerceFinnish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and Chambre de Commerce Franco-Lituanienne


Chris Butler, BCC Chairman of the Board


This week the United Kingdom started the process of withdrawal from the European Union. This is a major event both politically and economically, and one that will no doubt dominate the agenda of the UK government for the foreseeable future.

The progress of negotiations between the UK and the EU will have a significant impact on the bilateral trade relations between the UK and Lithuania.  The question of British access to the single market and EU country’s access to the UK market is perhaps the most important one for business, but many other aspects including the status of Lithuanians living in the UK will also have a knock-on impact on business.

Over the course of the next couple of years we at the BCC in Lithuania will do our utmost to keep our members up to date on developments and help you to navigate the potentially difficult road ahead.


The British Ambassador Claire Lawrence on the UK’s new and strong partnership with the EU  and LT



COBCOE Response to Article 50


COBCOE Brexit Ambition Initiative underway across EU27 – the only business-led qualitative research focused on the priorities of trade relationships between Europe and the UK >>>

BCC Business Breakfast Briefing on Air Connectivity

On 29th March, BCC Business Breakfast Briefing on Air Connectivity touched upon very important discussion aimed at how to improve the current situation of no direct flights to or from Heathrow or Gatwick Airports in London. This issue influences businesses and Lithuania as a market when attracting the international investors. Based on the above, the BCC took an initiative and brought all the interested groups together to discuss the current situation. Guest speakers and discussants were Jurate Baltrusaityte, Chief Commercial Officer at Lithuanian Airports; Laisvis Makulis, Team Lead for Business Services at Invest Lithuania; Mariano Andrade Gonzalez, CEO at Barclays Group Operations Lithuania. BCC Business Breakfast was held at Vilnius International Airport. >>> 

BCC Business Breakfast Briefing on air connectivity and the need of direct flights from/to London Heathrow or Gatwick covered in Verslo žinios (LT).

18th Burns Night in Vilnius raised 8770 Eur for the Charities



On Saturday, January 28th, the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania held its 18th Annual, Traditional Burns Night, Charity Event to celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns (1759 – 1796), which was also raising funds for two selected local charities. The most popular event in January this year was held in a prestigious venue – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and attracted 292 guests. 17th Burns Night raised 8.770 EUR, which is a record amount raised since 2000 and will be shared by NGO “Vaiko labui” – part of the British Charity Partnership for Children and Child line. 


vaikuLinijaChild line will start the implementation of a new ‘chat-tool’ for live counseling. It will let children connect one-on-one, in real time with a Child Line counsellor via the web or from a smartphone. The children and teenagers who prefer to write about their difficulties could receive emotional support without waiting, at the time when they need it most.

Vaiko labui


Vaiko labui will use raised funds to publish materials “Programme Zippy’s Friends. Special Needs Supplement.”  It is aimed at children with special learning needs so they can participate in the “Zippy’s Friends” programme. One hundred copies of the publication will be handed out to teachers across Lithuania. Last year BCC Burns Night charity raffle fund supported the first phase of this project, developing the programme from British to Lithuanian standards.

BCCL is very proud that both selected organisations are part of the campaign Už Saugią Lietuvą initiated by the President Dalia Grybauskaitė.

Since 2000, Burns Night in Vilnius raised over 70000 EUR shared by 21 different children and youth organizations in Lithuania.

Full gallery of the event please click here, red carpet and dancefloor

New year of 2017 with the new BCC look


We are glad to share that BCCL starts the new year with the new logo. It was created by gifted team of DADADA studio. Furthermore, the BCC Board was actively involved in the fascinating and inspiring process and the most innovative and bravest option got selected. The inspiration of the new logo came from stylized UK flag together with the Double Cross (an integral part of the Lithuanian national coat of arms). It reminds a flower – the symbol of openness and collaboration - the key to successful business dialogue.BCCL-fb-avatar-01

Burns’ Night ’17 Charity beneficiaries

We are pleased to inform that two Burns’ Night ’17 Charity beneficiaries have been selected and approved by the BCC Board. Charity raffle tickets will be available to purchase for everybody a week before the event at the office and to all the guests during the supper.


Vaiko labuiVaiko labui – a part of the British Charity Partnership for Children. Their principal activities are two programmes called Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends, which are running in kindergartens and Primary Schools across Lithuania. The programmes promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the children aged 3-6 and 7-9 years. The funds donated at the Burn‘s Night 17 charity event will be used to publish the methodical material “Programme Zippy’s Friends. Special Needs Supplement.” It is aimed at children with special learning needs to participate in the programme “Zippy‘s Friends.” 100 copies of publication will be handed out to teachers across Lithuania.



Vaikų linija (“Child Line”) – established in 1997 provides free and anonymous emotional support to the children and teenagers by phone and e-mails. 200 trained volunteers counselors listen to the children’s stories and try to find ways together how to solve their difficulties, encourage children to share their worries with the people they trust. If necessary children are referred to other institutions. The money raised will help to start the implementation of chat – new tool for children live counseling. It would let children connect one-on-one, real time with „Child Line‘s“ counsellor on the web or from smartphone. The teenagers who prefer to write about their difficulties could receive emotional support without waiting – in time when they need it most. Vaikų Linija is part of President Dalia Grybauskaitė’s nationwide social campaign “For A Safe Lithuania

Charity supported by BCC Family Christmas Carols



IMG_3469BCC Family Christmas Carols supported BCC Board member Ben Harvey with his team who participated in the Nepal International Marathon “Running For Change” on 26 November. They are raising money to help get schools up after the 2015 earthquake destroyed

50,000 classrooms.


During BCC Family Christmas Carols we sold 55 tickets and raised 550€! There are 15 charity raffle tickets left at BCC office for those who forgot to buy a ticket or did not have cash at the event.  Please feel free to drop by or contact us directly. Furthermore, you can donate online via aukok.lt (in LT).
We are pleased to remind that by purchasing the ticket you have a chance to win 2 business class return tickets with Turkish Airlines to a free choice destination in the world where TA is having their flights! The lucky winner will be announced on 12th January as a special event organized by Running For Change 2016.

Recent changes in BCC Board


Milda Darguzaite

On December 14th BCC Board Member Milda Dargužaitė has resigned from the BCC Board.

The Chamber thanks for all her support as the Board member and wishes Milda all the best for her future.


Digital version of Autumn BCC Paper issue is available to download!



NEW issue of BCC Paper no. 55 is already available to download. The newspaper covers regional focus on

KaunasBrexit updates, BCC events and many more useful information.


Hard copy will be ready next week and distributed to BCC members and other distribution spots immediately.




This is also perfect time to plan your advertising for 2017 in upcoming issues of BCC Paper. For more information,

please contact info@bccl.lt

FINTECH ROADSHOW – Beyond Brexit: the perfect passporting solution for your fintech in London



Our chamber was a partner of fintech roadshow in London “Beyond Brexit: the perfect passporting solution for your fintech” held on 5th December, Level39, Canary Wharf, London. The main objective of this event was to promote the advantages of Lithuania for the UK based fintech companies and encourage them to set up in Lithuania.


The Level39 at the Canary Wharf tower was full of fintech representatives from the UK who came to hear why Lithuania might be a good solution to expand their business. BCC Member Sorainen did an excellent presentation and strongly encouraged  UK fintech companies.

“The speed to get regulations in Lithuania was impressive in comparison to other markets we do business in” said Nikolay Storonsky, founder of Revolut.


The event was organised by Invest LithuaniaLithuanian Embassy in LondonLietuvos Bankas and our member Sorainen. Additional partners are also Vilnius Tech Park and Go Vilnius.