Business Breakfast Briefing: “New labour code: relief or extra burden for the business?”



On September 27th the BCC Lithuania launched its autumn programme of monthly Breakfast Business Briefings in Holiday Inn Vilnius. The first BBB was aiming to create a dialog between business and the regulator, as practice is already showing that after 1st July there are many questions arising for those having to implement the changes in the New Labour Code.

The views on the topic ‘New labour code: relief or extra burden for the business?’ were presented by Ramūnas Petravičius, Ellex Valiūnas and Loreta Laričeva, chief specialist of Consultations and Law Application Division of the State Labour Inspectorate (Valstybinė darbo inspekcija). The panel discussion was moderated by Toma Vevelstad, Amber Staff, BCCL Board member.

During the event, New Labour Code experts and business representatives talked about new opportunities and practicalities for employment contracts, organising work, new internal documents, employees’ and employer’s rights and obligations, firing practices and compensation and other changes. The new Labour Code has already come into force, therefore, the participants also looked at the existing practices, common mistakes, problematic areas, etc.


Practical questions was covered:

  • Employment contract: new possibilities to avoid application of certain new Labour Code provisions / divergent agreements with employees
  • Employment termination rules
  • Payment for work: was a new Labour Code meant to increase labour cost for employers?
  • What are possibilities for business in organising work time more flexibly
  • What will the new non-competition regulation mean in practice


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