BCC Hotel Sector meeting on Cyber security. Hosted by Fort Consult, part of NCC Group


Date: May 23rd 12.00 noon

Venue: Holiday Inn (Seimyniskiu str. 1, Vilnius)

Cost: Free of charge, open to BCC Hotel members only. There’s a limit of 13 places registered on first come first served bases.



The BCC together with Fort Consult, part of NCC Group are inviting BCC Members from Hotel sector to attend the videoconference with Pedro Rolo, Senior Security Consultant at FortConsult in Portugal.


Pedro has been working in the field of technical Information Security for over ten years, and has experience working with hotel sector. Bringing together his offensive and defensive security experience, Pedro can quickly identify value-added measures to improve organizations’ technical security. During the videoconference he will present the reasons why things are working for example in Portugal, what the acquirer role has been, how we handle the hotels, and what sort of improvements have been apparent. Also, the relation to the EU General Data Protection Regulation approach, and new version of PCI DSS v.3.2 which will be valid from 2018  in hotels sector will be covered as well.


Why it is important? Many hotel suffer from attacks and data leaks whereas countless breaches don’t even make the news. Hackers can easily cheat unsuspecting employees and remain undetected. 95 % of cyber-attacks start with an email, and it takes 146 days on average to discover an intrusion. How do you avoid these types of scenarios? We invite you to learn how a hacker operates in real life, so that you can use this insight to protect your business against various types of attacks.



11:50 am – arrival, registration;

12:00 noon – videoconference and discussion;

13:00 – lunch.

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