BCC APP will be introduced at the New Members’ Evening!

Starting on May 25th all BCC Members will be able to follow BCC Updates from their phones or other devices.


Pulse team consists of 5 entrepreneurs: Adomas Nosalis, Giedrius Šlikas, Tadas Blantaitis, Olegas Gončarovas and Paulius Čegis, who are dedicated in bringing their idea to life. Idea, which could change the way we understand communication within enterprises or associations.

Pulse is an Internal communication tool meant to build or enhance already living culture within enterprises or associations. Why is Culture important? Because it defines who we are, how we behave among each other, make decisions and do business within our community. In Order for culture to flourish engagement is needed from the members involved in it. Vital role in this process is played by effective communication, which requires tools that are able to gather whole information flow, sort it and provided relevant content for the end user in an simple and engaging way.